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CIOsynergy, a gathering of carefully selected I.T. leaders to represent the who's who of enterprise I.T. in Chicago.  A symposium that has redefined problem solving within the office of the CIO where we explore the successes, failures, and battles of these officers on the frontlines of innovation.

Moderated by Scott Shuster, acclaimed former ABC foreign news correspondent and editor of NPR, and led by a panel of CIOs, we'll discuss how I.T. transformation, consumption and management will drive change and innovation over the next 5 years. The ultimate roadmap for the office of the CIO.  Join us for this ultimate networking opportunity within an unparalleled learning environment in the heart of the Chicagoland Area on May 29th.

CIOsynergy unites I.T. leaders representing some of the largest brands; a rare opportunity to exchange ideas within a group of leaders that chase the common goal of advancement through innovation. We could not have selected a better venue for this symposium then under the umbrella of an epicurean lunch and cocktails in the heart of Downtown Chicago.

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Scott Shuster - Moderator and Chair

Scott Shuster has led virtually every BusinessWeek CEO, CFO, and CIO conference held since the founding of the magazine’s events group — more than 100 of the world’s most prominent gatherings of large-company leaders and senior executives.Scotts experience as a former ABC News foreign correspondent, Producer of NPR’s All Things Considered, Consulting Editor for The McGraw-Hill Companies and BusinessWeek and prodigious skills onstage make him the right choice to serve as moderator of the CIOpanel and chair to CIOsynergy Chicago.

John Sculley - Former CEO of Pepsi Co, Apple

CIOsynergy's opening keynote John Sculley is one of America’s best-known business leaders, with one foot in the storied history of Apple technology and the other planted firmly in 21st century innovations that change the way the world does business. Few entrepreneurs have been as successful across so many fields as Sculley. His success stories include telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, high technology, Internet services, consumer marketing, and I.T. supply chain.

John Sculley was Pepsi-Cola Co’s youngest CEO leading the firm to become the largest selling consumer packaged goods in America.In 1982 Steve Jobs was building the first Macintosh computer and Steve believed the future of computing would be shaped by ease-of-use and he recruited John Sculley to Apple as CEO to teach Apple how to do big brand experience marketing. The Macintosh introductory TV commercial at the 1984 Super Bowl became the most famous advertising campaign of all time. 10 years later, when John Sculley left Apple, Macintosh was the largest selling personal computer in the world. During his ten years at Apple, he launched Desktop Publishing and the PowerBook, the most successful notebook computer at that time. Revenue was up 1000% over Sculley’s decade with Apple, and Apple was the most profitable personal computer company in the world.

Since leaving Apple, John and his Sculley Brothers Family Office has helped many high technology serial entrepreneurs build some of the most disruptively innovative technology enabled firms. These include MetroPCS, HotWire, NFO Research, Intralinks, and Credit Trade.
Currently, John is mentor and investor in mobility and Big Data analytics; consumerization of healthcare; data base marketing; I.T. supply chain; and emerging market financial services.


Registration & Networking Lunch - Epicurean Lunch with the Who's Who of I.T.

Dine in style with Leading IT Peers in a beautiful, hand-picked hotel located in the heart of the Chicagoland Area. Join us as we indulge in an epicurean 5-star lunch, and find yourself in good company as you dine with the Who’s Who of enterprise IT leaders from within Chicago.

Enter the CIOarena™ with Scott Shuster

Who else can better set the tone for this epic meeting of the minds than moderator and event chair Scott Shuster. Scott leads discussions at some of the most prominent C-suite IT engagements across the country. CIOsynergy proudly brings his world renowned expertise to stage in Chicago.

CIOreality™: Following the Paper Trail into the Digital World

Using Managed Print Services to Bridge the Paper and Digital Worlds. The implications of the changing workplace for printing and the flow of content is becoming a burning platform for today’s CIO. Hear Ashby Lowry, Senior Vice President, Managed and Centralized Print Services, discuss how Xerox is evolving MPS to help companies print more cost-effectively, conveniently and securely from anywhere at any time; and print less through intelligent capture, workflow and content management services.


Ashby Lowry  - SVP, Managed and Centralized Print Services, Xerox

Ashby Lowry leads a combined LEO-US Managed Print & Centralized Print Services organization.  Lowry began his career with Xerox in 1978, when he joined Xerox’s Office Products Division. He then moved into several sales management and marketing management positions in the company. He left Xerox in 1984, and for the next ten years, served as Vice President and General Manager for American Graphics in Dallas, TX, a holding company that managed a variety of printing, publishing and manufacturing companies.

 In 1994 Lowry rejoined Xerox as General Manager of the Xerox/EDS Strategic Business unit, and when Xerox industry business units were formed in 1996, he moved into the role of Vice President, General Manager for the high-tech segment of the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry business unit until 2003, when he assumed the role of VPGM EPS Line of Business helping develop the Xerox MPS solution and driving this business into a multi-billion dollar global business.


A Moderated CIOpanel™ 5 CIOs take a tell-all position on a panel that explores the direction of enterprise IT, the successes, failures, and celebrations that defined their paths as ultimate IT leaders. We’ll gain insight into their vision with the help of moderator Scott Shuster.

Fireside Chat

Moderator Scott Shuster dives into a revealing investigative discussion onstage with leading technology evangelists that have helped enterprises run global operations against the odds of operating modern businesses in a vulnerable digital economy. From Big Data to Mobile management risks are assessed, advancements are weighed, and results are shared - insight for the CIO from the CIO.

Retreat to the CIOlounge™

A cocktail reception under the umbrella of the latest technologies and the visionaries behind them. We’ve carefully selected 20 organizations that provide cutting edge solutions to the growing pains of the CIO – from the masters of intrusion detection to the pioneers of Hybrid Cloud, you’ll meet these visionaries during our cocktail reception in our CIOlounge™.

Keynote Presentation

Keynote John Sculley made his mark as the CEO of America largest brands Apple and Pepsi. His tenure at Apple rose revenues from 800 million to 8 billion. Since Apple John has supported many tech seriel entrepreneurs in their pursuit to build some of the most disruptively innovative technology enabled firms; firms like MetroPCS, HotWire, NFO Research, Intralinks, and Credit Trade to name a few.

John has walked the line in leading firms through incubating innovation and on December 5th you'll see the hear stories from this mastermind in leadership; lessons for the Global IT leader.

Retreat to the CIOlounge™

A cocktail reception under the umbrella of the latest technologies and the visionaries behind them. We’ve carefully selected 20 organizations that provide cutting edge solutions to the growing pains of the CIO – from the masters of intrusion detection to the pioneers of Hybrid Cloud, you’ll meet these visionaries during our cocktail reception in our CIOlounge™.


I.T. folks love gadgets so IT folks love the CIOsynergy™ CIOdraw™. Over 20 sponsors have put forth a compilation of great giveaways; iPads and Tablets to weekend getaways at BMW driving schools; at CIOsynergy™ we’ve seen it ALL but are always taken back as they get better and better.





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